For Oxygen Concentrators

For COVID Relief Funds, India

India COVID19 Relief Fund!

Free Meals On Wheels is joining hands with United Sikhs to help increase the supply of oxygen concentrators, Oxygen cylinders and other essentials for families in India.

For Oxygen Concentrators

Donations Needs

Your donations towards Oxygen Concentrators and General Donations will help fight the COVID19 Situation in India

Donations Towards Oxygen Concentrators

General Donations Towards COVID Relief, India

3 Ways to Donate


Online On This Website

You may choose to donate right here on our website

For Oxygen Concentrators


Corporate Matching Program

You may donate through your corporate matching program, where your employer would match your donations upto 100% in most cases.

Please look us up using our
EIN Number : 84-4912999


Donor Advice Fund

If you have a donor advice fund, you may donate from that as well

Please look us up using our
EIN Number : 84-4912999

Free Meals on Wheels (FMOW) is a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit. All donations made to FMOW are tax exempt. 

Free Meals On Wheels!

Free Meals on Wheels is a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit committed to providing free meals to those in need to make sure no one stays hungry and have access to food anywhere, anytime and any day. 

Our mission is to build a platform that helps people in need get access to food and other necessary items easily, and allow volunteers to support our vision by volunteering and donating.

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